Experts Choice 48-37 for the F-16A




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Scott Van Aken



For those of you tired of seeing Luftwaffe or WWII subjects, here is something a bit more modern for you. This sheet is on the F-16A and ADF versions. Experts choice has really packed the subjects into this sheet. Probably your only problem will be to determine which one to do first. Two of the aircraft are F-16A/ADFs and this may produce a quandary. Though Revell has produced that variant in a kit, it is, shall we say, not the best kit available in this scale. Undoubtedly most will go for the Hasegawa kit, but no ADF version has been kitted by Hasegawa. What one needs is an update set, and though there is probably one out there, I don't know of any off-hand. The other alternative is cross kitting to get the bits that one needs.

First is the very flamboyant F-16A/ADF from 111 FS. This aircraft was not fully modded to ADF standards and is missing the 'Road Warrior' IFF antennas. You will also have to paint the underside in the Texas flag, though you are given the star as a decal.

Next is another ADF bird, this time in full mod from the 178 FS. This is a similar scheme to that provided in the Revell kit, but these decals are undoubtedly of much better quality!

One of the oldest F-16As around was 78-018 from the 107 FS of the Michigan ANG and called 'Miss Majestic'. This was a -10 from the initial production block that started with 78-001.

Another 107FS aircraft is given for the next scheme.

The unit tried a different set of tail markings with 79-0307. This particular plane was painted up as the 127 FW 'boss bird'.

Finally for you NASA enthusiasts, is 82-0796 that was seconded to NASA to be used as a chase aircraft and test plane. This aircraft is an F-16A, but has been fitted with an F-16C tail. You'll also have to add an upper fuselage red rotating beacon.

A really super sheet  for your next F-16 project.

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