Fantasy Printshop FP 980 and 981 Numbers and Letters WWII - Black

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2.95/2.50 from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

There are times when we can all use some letter and number decals. I know I have dozens of times over the years. They are perfect for individualizing an aircraft with a serial number, for instance, that is not provided on a decal sheet. These two sheets are WWII and 1946 style with the large one being 8 inch size and the smaller sheet being 12 inch.

While these are 1/72, one could use the sheets for 1/48. I'm thinking the 12 inch sheet would be 8 inch in 1/48 and you can do the math for the other!

The decals are very well printed and not on a single carrier so no additional trimming is needed.

April 2010

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