Fantasy Printshop Type 1A RAF Roundels

Units: Numerous


FP-864 is 5.95, while FP 870 is 3.95.
From Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

There is always a need for replacement insignia for various models. It may be that the builder has hosed some up beyond all recovery. It could be that the kit decals are not up to specs. Perhaps the sheet that came with the kit was off register. Or it could be that the builder is doing a scheme that requires markings not available with the kit, especially if doing a more unusual scheme or making your own unique markings.

Regardless of the reason, having aftermarket insignia is always a plus and I know I've generally had several dozen insignia sheets around for such things. The thing about many of the previously done sheets is either unavailability as they have quickly sold out, or the technology of the sheets is outmoded (as with Modeldecal sheets) and newer printing technology provides superior results in terms of sharpness.

With that in mind, Fantasy Printshop in the UK has produced a full series of RAF roundels. The number of different versions really is rather complex, though most of us probably don't realize it. So, I've decided to review these in groups based on similar designs. For instance, this set is somewhat standard red/white/blue roundels.

This particular variety is listed as type 1A and is the type used in the last year of the war and immediately post war until the more evenly spaced color spacing roundel was brought into being around 1947/48. Each sheet has a variety of standard sizes that will make the sheet quite useful. The 1/72 sheet is FP 870 while the 1/48 sheet is FP864.

Printing is superb with very small carriers and separate center dots to assure proper registration.

February 2008

Thanks to Fantasy Printshop for the review sheet.

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