Fantasy Printshop FP 505/506 Stars

Units: Numerous


4.95 each from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

One thing I really like about Fantasy Printshop is that they are willing to produce things that you generally don't see from other decal makers. Case in point are these two new sheets of stars. These are in metallic bronze and medium blue. Each sheet provides four sizes of stars; 2,3,4 and 6mm. The stars do not appear to be on a single carrier, which makes them very easy to use. I'm not sure how much application these might have for aircraft, but for cars, they offer up a number of interesting posibilities for those wanting something a bit different.

I've used Fantasy Printshop decals in the past and they are first rate and well worth seeking out if unavailable in your area. In addition to these there are other colors available. These are just the most recent.

February 2021

Thanks to Fantasy Printshop for the review sheet.

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