Euro Decals 72112: Swedish Air Force Viggen big wing numbers, fin numbers, fin triangles and 3000 Hrs. markings

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6.95 from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

It seems to me that the Swedish Air Force gets very little exposure in terms of decals. To help even things out a bit, Euro Decals has provided this sheet for common markings for the Saab Viggen. This sheet, which is also available in 1/48, provides the huge wing numbers that came into being during the 1990s in both fluorescent red and in white. There are also tail numbers in red, fluorescent red, and black. Nose numbers are done in black and yellow. Some fluorescent red triangles were used on the tails of some Viggens during exercises and the sheet  includes the special marking applied to one aircraft as it reached 3,000 flight hours.

The sheet is superbly printed and the scan doesn't convey the brilliance of the fluorescent colors very well. As you might guess, this is only one sheet in a series with the others coming shortly.

October 2009

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