Euro Decals 72104: Occupation USAF in Germany

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Scott Van Aken

Fantasy Print Shop's most recent sheet covers some units that moved to Germany for the post war occupation. This is a subject that has not been covered aside from a set of markings here and some there on other sheets. On this sheet you will find markings for the Mustangs of the 355 FG and the Thunderbolts of the 86 FBW, this latter unit staying in Germany until disbanded in the 1990s following the drawdown after Desert Storm.

Now you may think you are having deja vu, but the 1/72 sheet is identical to the 1/48 version recently reviewed. Though no specific kit is mentioned for this sheet, I'm sure that most will go for the Tamiya kit as it seems to be the darling of most model builders. There are others out there that can be used, though one will have to be careful to get the proper Thunderbolt. All the markings are on unpainted metal aircraft.

First up are the P-51Ds of the 355 FG. These are all marked with red noses, red rudders and white spinners, with one exception. You'll also note that the 354 FS aircraft have a red, yellow, red fuselage band. All of the planes have the fuselage code letters repeated under the right wing.

1- 'Little Ping' of the 358 FS

2 - 'Wolverine' of the 354 FS

3 - 'Mr. Lucky' of the 354 FS

4 - 'Arlene' of the 354 FS

5 - The Group Commander's plane with red, blue and yellow stripes.

The final two are both from the 86 FBW and are shown after 1947 when the USAF came into being. These F-47Ds are both later versions with the fin fillets so be sure to use the proper kit for this.

6 - FE-808 of the 527 FBS has a yellow rudder, yellow cowling with a yellow/black checkered cowl flaps and yellow stripe along the fuselage.

7 - ND24 of the 527 FBS with a red cowling and unpainted metal cowl flaps. It also has a red stripe running along the fuselage.

The sheet provides insignia for one Mustang and one Thunderbolt.  Those wishing to do more can either use kit markings or those insignia from specialty sheets.

Overall, a great subject for a decal sheet and I'd like to think that we'll see others in this particular series.

Overall a superb sheet and one that I'm sure will be well received.

January 2006

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