Euro Decals 72103: Worldwide Vampires

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7.95 from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

Fantasy Print Shop has come out with yet another great decal sheet, this time for the DeHavilland Vampire. As is typical with these folks, there are a number of superb schemes on this sheet; nine in all. They cover RAF, some Commonwealth, and a French example. All are FB.5 or FB.9 variants. The only real difference between the two is that the FB.9 has air conditioning and so has a larger 'bump' on the front of the right side intake. For kits in 1/72, you have Heller and Frog, both of which are not exactly state of the art kits, but both of which do make into very nice models when you get them finished. I'm sure that one of these days, the MPM gang or perhaps Academy will come out with a more detailed kit, but for now, and for most of us, the Heller one (probably also boxed by Airfix) is the one we'll be able to find.

Here is what is included on the sheet in the order shown:

1 - FB.5, 3/4 CAACU 1960
2 - FB.9, 502 Sq, 1955
3 - FB.5, 502/605/612 Sq, 1953
4 - FB.5, wing commander 502/605/612 Sq 1954

5 - FB.9, RAF Flying College, early 60s
6 - FB.5, Advanced Flying School, SAAF, 1971
7 - FB.31, 21 Squadron, RAAF, 1953
8 - FB.5, 75 Sq, RNZAF, 1964
9 - FB.5, Esc 57S, Aeronavale, 1960

The instructions are superbly printed on glossy paper and provide both sides as well as upper and lower painting and placement guides. The decals themselves are equally as outstanding. The decals are glossy and have very small clear carriers. Common data markings are provided for perhaps two planes and you can do five aircraft from the sheet if one is French and one South African.

Overall a superb sheet and one that I'm sure will be well received.

November 2005

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