Euro Decals 72001: Handley Page Victors

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Scott Van Aken

It has been over a decade since we have seen anything for the Victor. That was a set of sheets by both Modeldecal and Xtradecal that covered a few of the Desert Storm versions. Before that, only Modeldecal produced any and those are all becoming quite difficult if not impossible to find.

To the rescue comes Euro Decal with this particular sheet on the Victor. There are 12 different aircraft listed on the sheet and in all the different camouflage schemes that were carried by the aircraft.

In the overall white scheme is a B.Mk 2 of 100 Sq in 1963.

A camo'd upper with white underside and light fuselage insignia aircraft is a B.2R of 139 Sq in 1964.

Next up in the same scheme but will full color roundels is a B.1A of 232 OCU. This one is equipped with the wing refueling pods and will require a bit of kit modification.

From 214 Sq comes a full K.1 with the red/blue roundels and the full tanker package.

The final batch of aircraft are all from 57 Sq during Desert Storm and include Maid Marion, Saucy Sal, Lusty Linda, Teasin Tina, and Lucky Lou as well as a pair of other name-less K.2s. These are all in the Hemp over Light Aircraft Grey scheme with the small roundels.

The only kit out there is the Matchbox version that was reboxed by Revell AG. It needs some help , but there are aftermarket bits around to help out.

These decals are superbly printed and the instructions are well done on high gloss, thick paper. No data markings placement guide is supplied as that which comes with the kit is accurate. A really nice touch are superb tanker markings in a proper da-glo color.

Overall, an excellent sheet, especially if you've got one of these beasties in your stash and no aftermarket sheets for it! Because of the design of the instruction sheets, it is impractical for me to show you all the possible markings.

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