Euro Decals 48114: US Low-viz insignia and data
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13.95 from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

This set for the 1/48 modeler has a lot of insignia and data marking for US aircraft. Some of them are airframe specific, such as those for the KC-135, Tomcat, F-16 and AV-8, to name a few. Others are able to be used on a variety of current and past planes painted in the greys schemes.

You will notice that these come in quite a variety of grey tones and you need to match those tones to correspond with the camouflage of the aircraft you are building so they will contrast.

In all, it is a very useful sheet that will certainly come in handy, especially if the kit decals are incorrect or you need some for a special project. I've used decals printed by Fantasy Printshop in the past and find them to be just superb.

June 2018

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