Euro Decals 72/48106; Korean War USN Skyraiders

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4.11 for the 1/72 and 5.99 for the 1/48 sheet from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

The latest from Euro Decals is this sheet on Korean War Skyraiders. All of the subjects are in overall Gloss Sea Blue, as was the norm during that time.  Euro Decals has pretty well covered every known kit in the recommended listing. In 1/72 you have Hasegawa, Heller and Airfix. Into the mix you can toss Tsukuda and Fujimi if you have all those oldies. In 1/48 there is Tamiya, Italeri/ESCI and Monogram. All will have to be backdated as these kits are basically AD-6s.

First up is an AD-4NL from VA-115 aboard the USS Philippine Sea in February 1951.

Next is an AD-4B from VC-33 aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard in 1952

Third is an AD-3 from VA-923 on the USS Philippine Sea in 1951

Finally an AD-4 from VA-75 on the USS Bon Homme Richard, again in 1952.

Backdating these planes isn't all that difficult, but you will need a good reference to get all the nuances correct.

The sheet includes insignia for two of the four options and is quite well printed. I saw no registration problems and my experience with these decals has been quite favorable.

March 2007

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