Euro Decals 72115: Blenheim I/IF
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Scott Van Aken

This sheet for the 1/72 modeler has markings for six Blenheim I/IF aircraft. These are all prewar or early war RAF schemes of dark green/dark earth over black. There are other variations provided so you don't have to do a standard scheme if you do not wish to.

Undoubtedly spurred by the nearing release of the 1/48 Airfix kit, this sheet will be very useful for those who have the 1/72 version that was kitted several years back. These markings should also be something to consider if you have the ancient Frog kit as certainly those markings have lost their viability a long time ago.

So here is what is on the sheet:

114 Squadron plane based at Wyton in 1937.

Next is a 90 Squadron plane from Bicester in 1938. This has the low visibility 'Munich Crisis insignia.

From mid 1939 is a plane of 601 Squadron based at Hendon. This is a IF so has the black/white underside.

From 211 Squadron based in Greece during 1940 is this plane in a desert scheme of dark earth/middle stone over Mediterranean Blue.

The second IF is this all black plane from 54 OTU at Church Fenton in 1940.

Finally, one in FAA colors of dark slate grey/extra dark sea grey over sky is a 771 NAS plane based at Hatston in the Orkney islands during 1942.

The decals are superbly printed and the sheet comes with a full color markings placement guide that offers a four view of each option.

September 2018

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