Euro Decals 72141: Supermarine Spitfires over Malta
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Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from Euro Decals is one that should please a lot of modelers. It contains nine different markings options for Spitfires that operated over Malta. The majority of them are Spitfire Vc with a few Vb  and a Mk.IX thrown in the mix. Each of the options provides an interesting camouflage scheme with many of them being quite non-standard with others more appropriate for Seafires. All of the Mk.V options have a sand filter so you'll have to choose a kit that includes this feature.

Option one is coded SN*A and was with 243 Squadron in 1942. It is dark Mediterranean blue on the upper surface with azure blue on the underside and an identification blue spinner.

Next is 3*M as seen on the USS Wasp during 1942. This one is in deck blue and intermediat blue over azure blue. Note that this aircraft has four cannon.

GL*T is with 185 Squadron and painted deep sky and dark slate grey over sky blue.

T*M is another four canon aircraft in identification blue over azure blue. Note that this one has upper wing insignia that have a brighter than normal blue.

GL*E  was repainted at Gibralter in dark Mediterranean blue over sky blue. It also has four canon.

Next is a 229 squadron plane coded X*A. This one is deep sky and dark slate grey over light Mediterranean blue.

A*2  was with 603 squadron and painted extra dark sea grey and dark slate grey over sky, a fairly normal scheme.

In dark Mediterranean blue over sky blue is another plane seen on the USS Wasp. Note that this plane has a identification red spinner and there are areas behind the serial that are still in dark earth/middlestone.

Finally, the lone Spitfire IX. *N was with 126 squadron and painted deep sky/dark slate grey over medium sea grey with remnants of a sky band on the underside.

Instructions are well done and provide multiple paint brand options, though it is only with Humbron and Xtracolor that you'll find all the shades mentioned. Decals are superbly printed and you have all the codes and insignia provided to to every option on the sheet.

May 2024

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