Euro Decals 72140: Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb Collection
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Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from Euro Decals is for the Hawker Hurricane IIb. This is a fairly common variant and was used everywhere the RAF and other commonwealth forces were fighting. The sheet provides eight different options with enough variation in camouflage and markings to please pretty much everyone.

First up in a standard day fighter scheme is a 253 Squadron plane  from august 1942.

Next is a desert scheme on a 17 Squadron plane based in Burma during early 1942.

Third option is an all black night fighter coded SW*S with 253 Squadron in late 1942.

Another all black aircraft with only upper wing roundels is from 3 PRU based in Egypt during early 1942.

A second desert scheme plane coded AX*V is with 1 Squadron SAAF in Egypt during July 1942.

The final desert scheme plane is with 335 'Greek' Squadron at El Alamein in November 1942.

Our final black Hurricane is with the Malta Night Flying Units in July 1941.

Finally, we have  174 Squadron aircraft at RAF Manston in May 1942.

In all a superb selection for the Hurricane fan. There are a number of kits of this variant produced and I'm sure most will gravitate to the Arma Hobby version. Note that half the schemes have the large sand filter so you'll need a boxing that includes this feature if you want to model those.

May 2024

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