Euro Decals 48119: Bubbletop Mustangs
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Scott Van Aken

This welcome sheet for the 1/48 modeler has markings for six different P-51D/Mustang IV aircraft. There is a nice selection of nations in this one with most of them being in unpainted metal or possibly silver paint. We all know that the upper wings had the seams filled and painted with silver paint to help enhance the airflow, but post war, a lot of planes had this paint and the sealant stripped as it was found to be difficult to maintain. Naturally, the wing gun access panels were neither painted nor sealed.

First up is a Mustang IV from 5 Squadron, SAAF based in Italy during 1945. It is in the standard RAF day fighter colors, but with a red spinner and white fin tip and without the yellow wing ID bands. Many Commonwealth Mustangs that were delivered to the RAF were K models, but this doesn't say one way or the other.

Next is a plane from 1 Squadron, South Korean Air Force from 1950.

The third option is from 3 Squadron, Territorial Air Forces of the RNZAF. Dallas canopy on this one.

The USAAF plane was with the 368th FS/359 FG based in the UK in 1945. The use of the wing codes shows this was post war as does all the bits painted in color.

The Swedish P-51D is from 1951. It has an orange (Daglo?) fuselage band with red tips to the wing and edge of the fin fillet. Spinner is blue and there are large black wing walk areas.

The final option is from the RAAF's 86 Squadron in 1945. As many of you know, the Mustang was built in Australia and this one of them. This plane has the Dallas canopy.

There are sufficient markings to do all the options. Stencils will need to come from the kit. I've used decals from these folks in the past and they are superb. Full color instructions with notes are included. There is no dedicated kit, but really, these are such that you can use ANY 1/48 P-51D for this including Airfix. Tamiya, Hasegawa, Monogram, etc.

These decals are also available in 1/72 and 1/32 scale.

November 2018

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