Euro Decals 48117: Panavia Tornado GR.4/4A
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Scott Van Aken

This sheet for the 1/48 Tornado modeler. No specific kit is mentioned in the instructions, but I'm sure that there are better kits out there in this scale than the ESCI version I struggled through 20 years or so ago. The sheet contains the unique markings and insignia for five aircraft. All of them are painted in the medium sea grey scheme with which they ended their operational career. Some of these planes have dark sea grey radomes. Stencils can come from either the kit or a dedicated Tornado stencil sheet (such as Eurodecal 48-118).

The first option, with all the red on the fin and spine, is from XV(R) squadron at Lossiemouth in 2015. This aircraft celebrates the unit's 100th anniversary.

Next is a fairly standard looking plane from 41(R) squadron based at RAF Coningsby in 2015. It also carries 100th Anniversary markings.

Third up with the green, black, and white fin with green spine is a 12 squadron aircraft, also celebrating 100 years in 2015. It was also based at Lossiemouth.

A 31 squadron aircraft is next and it isn't celebrating anything. It was one based in Italy during Operation Ellamy in 2011.

Finally a 617 squadron plane based at Lossimouth in 2013/14. It commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Dam Busters raid during WWII.

Typical of Euro Decals the sheet is superbly printed. You are provided with full color markings placement and a little about each option. This makes for a great kit for your next 1/48 Tornado build.

May 2019

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