Euro Decals 48139: Vought Corsair Collection
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15.95 from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from Euro Decals is for the Vought Corsair. There have been several kits of this plane in this scale, with pretty much all of them fairly nice. Most of us have one in our stash. This offering has seven different options from the USN, New Zealand, and the Fleet Air Arm.. There are also a variety of color schemes to please most everyone.

First is an early Pacific War plane from VMF-215 based on Bougainville in early 1944.

Next is a RNZAF aircraft that was obviously made up of two different planes. This one was with #1 Servicing Unit based on Guadalcanal in late 1944.

K99 is in a tricolor scheme and was with VMF-115 in mid 1944.

In overall aluminum lacquer is an aircraft of Service Squadron 1 based at Espirito Santos in the New Hebrides during 1945.

Another early scheme birdcage Corsair is Lt. Ken Walsh's aircraft with VMF-124 based on Guadalcanal in mid 1943.

Our first FAA plane is this Brewster F3A with 718 NAS in mid 1945.

Finally, a 757 Naval Operation Training Unit plane based on Ceylon in mid 1944.

In all a great sheet for this aircraft. Decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop. Well worth picking up.

March 2024

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