Euro Decals 48138: General Motors FM-2 Wildcat Mk.VI
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14.95 from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from Euro Decals is for the General Motors FM-2 Wildcat. There have been several kits of this plane in this scale, most of them short run. However, recently Eduard released one and that is the one to get for this sheet. Of the nine options, there are a variety of USN and FAA options. There are also a variety of color schemes to please most everyone.

First up in a tri-color scheme is a VC-4 aircraft from aboard the USS White Plains in 1944.

Next is a very popular scheme for the FM-2. That is the overall sea blue  aircraft of VC-93 aboard USS Petrof Bay in mid 1945 with the shamrock tail and wing marking.

The first British subject is one from an unknown FAA squadron aboard the HMS Trupeter in late 1944.

The first Atlantic scheme plane is with VC-36 aboard the USS Core in mid 1944

A sea blue FAA plane with white bands operating in the Pacific is this 882 NAS plane aboart HMS Searcher in 1945.

In overall aluminum lacquer is the next option with an unknown training unit in 1944.

Another tri-color plane from VC-78 aboard the USS Matanikau in 1944 is next.

Returning to the FAA is this sea blue aircraft from 794 NAS at RNAS Eglington in 1944.

Finally an overall yellow plane from the Naval Aviation Modification Unit at Johnsville PA in 1944. This is probably the most minimally marked option on the sheet with just a nose number.

In all a great sheet for this aircraft. Decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop. Well worth picking up. 48 and others in 1/72 so everyone is happy. Well worth picking up.

March 2024

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