Euro Decals 32123: Lancaster 48x24x6 Code Letters
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31.95 from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

This set from Fantasy Printshop provides the buyers of the new 1/32 Lancasters the option to build something other than what is offered in the kit or those just wanting high quality replacements. These are the large side code letters and number in 48 x 24 x 6 inches.

The set includes two of each of the two sheets shown here. As you can see, all the different fonts that have been used on these aircraft are provided. For those who simply want one sheet, those can be purchased separately for $8.95 a sheet. Fantasy Printshop also offers the 8 inch serial number sheet in 1/32. You can obtain that simply by visiting their web site or choosing this link.

I hope you are as pleased as I am to see these sorts of decal sheets being provided. They offer a wide range of options for those who want something different from the norm. 

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Thanks to Fantasy Printshop for the review sheet. You can find this sheet at this link.

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