Euro Decals 32117: Tornado GR.4/4A



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27.95 from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

Another new sheet from EuroDecals is this huge set covering five of the latest versions of the Panavia Tornado, the GR.4 and GR.4A. Externally, these aircraft are pretty much identical to the GR.1 and GR.1A so little will have to be done with current kits of this aircraft in 1/32 scale. The A variant was optimized for reconnaissance, but that mission has pretty much disappeared with what squadrons are left flying both versions.

This set consists of two sheets providing four special scheme planes, three of them rather flamboyant and one standard looking aircraft. This probably covers all the extant units as there are apparently fewer than 80 or so planes still in service. All are in the current overall grey scheme.

First is a 15 (XV) squadron plane with a red fin/spine and 100th anniversary markings from 2015.

#2 is from 12 squadron, also in 2015 and also celebrating the unit's 100th anniversary.

The 31 squadron plane is the normal looking one from 2011 during Operation Ellamy, which I believe was the NATO operation in Lybia.

Next is a 41(R) squadron plane from 2017 also with 100 anniversary markings on the tail. This is the OCU for the Tornado. Such is the limited number of units in the RAF anymore that training units are now provided with Reserve status just to keep the squadron from disappearing.

Finally, from 2013 is a 617 'Dambusters' anniversary plane with a black fin.

The decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop and will add a lot of color to your next GR.4 build.

October 2018

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