Euro Decals 35001: Supermarine Spitfire Vb
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29.95 from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

This set from Fantasy Printshop is for the Border Models 1/35 Spitfire Vb. There are eleven different options on this sheet that cover a nice mixture of camouflage schemes. Looking at the listing, I'll start on the left and go across the page to the right and in this matter to the bottom of the page.

First up is  DW*B from 610 Squadron in the later European scheme. This was flown by Johnny Johnson  in August 1942.

Next is a 40 Squadron SAAF clipped wing plane with a volkes filter. WR*O was operated in Italy during 1944.

Third is YQ*X in the earlier camouflage. This is a 616 Squadron plane from August 1941.

Then we come to a 310 Squadron aircraft from July 1942. The white nose bands are for an excercise.

With invasion stripes is a 234 Squadron aircraft. This airplane is another Johnnie Johnson mount as flown on D-Day.

GN*H is a 249 Squadron plane in an unusual scheme of dark earth/dark sea grey over sky. It was based on Malta in 1942.

In overall black is this 111 Squadron aircraft from October 1941.

RY*S was assigned to 313 Squadron  during early 1943. It has clipped wings.

With 401 Squadron is YO*H in the European scheme but with earlier insignia.

WR*D was in a desert scheme with 40 Squadron SAAF in April 1943.

Also in a desert scheme is ZX*S with 145 Squadron based in Egypt during 1942.

So there you have it. Enough schemes to make any Spitfire fan happy. As usual Euro Decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop

March 2024

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