Euro Decals 32134: F-100D Super Sabre Pt.4
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36.95 from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

For their fourth 1/32 F-100D sheet, Eurodecals offers more really nice late 50s aircraft. This go around, there are three options, due to the large markings that are provided. All of these planes are in overall natural metal with various shades in the hot section near the rear of the plane.

So here is what is on the sheet

First up is the wing commander's plane with the 81 TFS/50 TFW based in France during 1958. The yellow wing and stab tips will need to be painted.

Next isa plane from the 356 TFS/354 TFW based at Aviano during 1960.

Finally, a 390 FBS/366 FBW plane based at England AFB in 1957/59.

There are sufficient common markings provided to do one of the options though you can always use kit bits if you want to do more. Another option is to pick up just the data sheet from Fantasy Printshop as those are offered for 5.95 each.

There is no kit recommended in the instructions but the only one I know of is the Trumpeter kit. The set comes with a separate sheet with sufficient common markings for one aircraft. The Trumpeter kit botched the intake. Fortunately, there is a resin replacement available that is well worth seeking and obtaining.  

March 2023

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