Euro Decals 32132: F-100D Super Sabre Pt.2
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Scott Van Aken

This new sheet is an enlargement of what has been produced in the smaller scales and provides markings for four colorful aircraft from the late 1950s. All are listed as being natural metal, though it is possible that they may also have been painted in overall aluminum lacquer.

The initial offering is from the 1st FDS/413 FDW based at George AFB in 1959.

Next up is 481st TFS/27th TFW based at Cannon AFB in 1959.

Also from the 27th TFW, this one with the yellow trim was with the 524th TFS, also from 1959.

Finally, with the blue trim is this 454th FBS/323 FBW based at Bunker Hill AFB in 1957.

There is no kit recommended in the instructions, however, the Trumpeter kit is pretty much it in 1/32 scale. This kit has a wrongly shapen intake, however, you can get a replacement one of the correct shape in resin from the aftermarket crowd. A search will provide you more info on this. Also note that there is a common sheet with insignia, wing walk areas and so forth.

It is a great sheet for the large scale builder and well worth picking up.

January 2023

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