Euro Decals 32131: F-100D Super Sabre Pt.1
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Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from Euro Decals is for one of my favorite aircraft, the F-100 Super Sabre. It was the USAF's first operational jet capable of supersonic flight in a straight line. For much of the mid to late 1950s and even into the early 60s, it was a mainstay of the USAF both in country and overseas. In addition, it was widely used by NATO nations, served in Vietnam, and soldiered on in the ANG until the mid 1970s.

This new sheet provides markings for four colorful aircraft from the late 1950s. All are listed as being natural metal, so this would be the time prior to the USAF painting the planes in overall aluminum lacquer.

The initial offering is from the 352nd TFS/354 TFW which was based at Myrtle Beach in 1959.

Next up is the wing commander's plane with the 27th TFW based at Cannon AFB in New Mexico in 1959.

Third up is from the 615th TFS/401 TFW at England AFB, Louisiana during 1958.

Final offering is from the 417th TFS/50th TFW based at Ramstein, Germany in 1959. If interest are the red drop tanks.

There is no kit recommended in the instructions, however, the only one out there in this scale is by Trumpeter All are F-110D aircraft. The set comes with a separate sheet with sufficient common markings for one aircraft. For those wanting to do more than a single subject from the sheet, then kit markings would be used.

Euro Decals continues to offer their subjects in popular scales and that is just great. If history repeats itself, you can expect to see other F-100 sheets in this scale. Well worth picking up.

September 2022

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