Euro Decals 32130: Bf-109s of the ANR
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Scott Van Aken

This next new sheet from Euro Decals ventures into ANR Bf-109s. The ANR did not have a very distinguished history as there was a real issue of trust between the Germans as the pilots of these units. Often they were not provided with enough fuel to where they could escape to the Allied line and for a fair period of time, where not allowed to fly at all. Eventually wiser heads prevailed and units were brought up to operational condition. Due to a dearth of Italian built aircraft (mostly Fiat G.55s and Macchi C.205s), Bf-109s of various types were supplied.

This particular sheet covers 14 of them, most in late war colors. There are four 109G-6s, five 109 G-14s, and five 109G-10s. Some of the G-14s were the AS version so you need to be aware of this so you can modify the kit. Modelers are fortunate that there are nice kits of these planes in 1/32 scale. Many will gravitate towards the Hasegawa offering, but I've been told that the Trumpeter kit is fairly nice as well.

The sheet offers three different designs of ANR insignia along with the German crosses used on later aircraft. I'd say that if you are careful in your choices, that you can do five aircraft from what is provided on the sheet.

While not using decals from this sheet, this is one of the options I built using another brand's decals. If you want something a bit different from the norm, these are highly recommended. What's also nice is that Euro Decals will often produce the sheet in the other scales as well.


October 2020

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