Euro Decals 32122: F-15C - Oregon ANG 2016 Special
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59.95 from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from Fantasy Printshop is for the F-15C Eagle. The markings are what was applied to one of the 114FS, Oregon ANG's aircraft to celebrate their 75th anniversary in 2016. This unit is an ANG training unit and previously operated F-4s, then F-16s before moving on to the Eagle.

As you can see, this is an incredible set that consists of three 8 x 11 sheets and a smaller sheet that contains the markings for the horizontal stabs. These very large decals will require a lot of water to get into place, but the F-15 doesn't have all that much in terms of lumps and bumps to interfere with placement. In my mind, this scheme is a lot nicer than that of the 4th FW done a while back.

There are at least two kits available of the C model in this scale; one from Revell and the other Tamiya. Many will choose the latter for this project. The set comes with a four view markings and placement guide. One thing you can pretty well expect is to have this scheme later available in 1/48 and 1/72 as that is what has occurred in the past. The decals themselves are superbly printed and have proven in the past to be quite thin. Well worth picking up if you are a large scale modeler.

July 2019

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