ESCI #7: P-47 and P-51

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Scott Van Aken



Back when ESCI was one of the main producers of aftermarket decals, they put out quite a line of subjects. Most sheets are like this one. They give you the unique markings and you are to use the kit decals for insignia and the like.

#7 is an early sheet so has a lot of what are now old favorites. In the P-47 line up is Glenn Eagleston's plane along with Gabby Gabreski and Robert Johnson's planes.

For the P-51's we have 'Miss Marilyn with the yellow rudder and mustang, William Shomo's 'Flying Undertaker', Don Gentile's 'Shangri-la' and then 'Jumpin' Jacques' from the Pacific theater.

All in now beautifully yellowed decals. No only that, but ESCI also provided a bunch of nose art and unit badges for those wanting to try something different. All these additional markings have a very brief description given in the instruction. .

July 2007

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