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ESCI #68: Ar-196 and He-51


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Scott Van Aken


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This sheet is quite typical of ESCI decals. For one thing, they seem to have been made yellowed as even what were considered 'fresh' decal sheets suffered from this malady. Secondly, the decals are very matte and often a bit brittle, so a wise user would coat them prior to use with something like Microscale's Decal Film

Many sheets covered multiple subjects and this one is no exception. Though the sheet has the subjects and the info lines crossed, it is easy to figure out.

First is an Ar-196 from 2/DAGr 126 in the Dodecanese during 1943.

Next subject is one based with 10./LG.2 at Travemunde in 1939.

The final Ar-196 is one based in Loften Norway in 1944

Moving on to the He-51s is one with A/B 123 at Agram in 1942. This was a training school.

Next, a JG 233 plane from Bad Aibling in 1937

Finally one with the Condor Legion in 1938.

ESCI sheets only offer profiles for the subjects so one does have to do a bit of research. Each of the subjects on the sheet is given a brief history of the type, but nothing specific to the aircraft shown on the profile sheet. As you can see from the decals, there are a variety of additional unit badges, and these are listed on one of the information sheets provided.

For kits, you have Airfix and Heller for the Ar-196 and Hasegawa for the He-51. At least, those are the ones I can remember.  While these sheets do provide some interesting markings, the user does need to be aware that not only will the decals be a bit challenging to use, but there are times when the information given is just wrong as historical research over the last 25 years has brought to light much that has superseded earlier suppositions.

January 2007

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