ESCI #53: Boston and Hudson

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$LOOONG out of production


Scott Van Aken

This is another nicely yellowed old sheet from ESCI and includes markings for both Bostons and Ventura/Hudsons in 1/72 scale. At the time, Airfix and Revell were your sole choices for the Boston and Airfix for the Hudson. I guess that ESCI was hoping for the Frog Ventura, but it was never produced. We now have more modern kits of the Ventura from Minicraft and the Hudson from MPM. The Boston is still in need of a new mold kit, but I wouldn't doubt that one will be coming soon.

First up is a 22 Sq RAAF Boston III from the 1943 time frame.

Next a 107 Sq RAF Boston III from 1942.

The 24 Squadron Boston IIIA is with the SAAF in Tunisia during 1943

With D-day stripes, there is the 342 Sq  Free French Boston IIIA

The lone Ventura II is from 21 Sq in 1943

Finally, the Hudson I is with 206 Sq in 1941

In line with other ESCI sheets, you have several nose art and other markings should you wish to research them for additional kits. Too bad they are in such horrendous condition and like many ESCI sheets, there are problems with the correct shades and with registration.

March 2007

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