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ESCI #38, Do-17/217


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Scott Van Aken


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This sheet is typical of all of the ESCI sheets in my collection. They are old, yellowed and extremely brittle when you try to use them. ESCI also did not put a complete white background to those insignia that have white in them. The result is that you can easily see the demarcation line if the other colors are anything other than black.

Having given that less than sterling introduction, I will say that I've used some of these ancient sheets. First one has to apply several coats of decal film to prevent them from breaking apart when dipped in water. Next, one has to cut away all the yellowed carrier film, or at least as much as one can. I've tried the 'stick it in the sunlight' deal and it has never worked for me.

ESCI decal sheets always offered additional unit badges, something that I've used a great deal when doing my 'Luft 46' builds, so these are not totally useless!

This sheet has four aircraft on it, two Do-17Z and two Do-217E aircraft. Mostly because Frog and Monogram did a Do-17Z and Airfix had a Do217E.

First up is a Do-17Z-1 from 1./KG 76 in France during 1940 with a white stripe on the top of the fin.

Next is one from KG 76 at Breslau in 1939. Note the skinny early insignia.

Next up is a Do-217E-1 of 5./KG 40, based at Bodeaux in 1941.

The final scheme is a Do-217E-4 from 8./KG 2 at Gilze-Rijen in 1942.  This aircraft has a black underside.

Unless noted, all of these are in RLM 70/71/65, the standard bomber scheme of the day. One will have to use kit instructions to get the proper splinter pattern as decal sheets of yore often provided naught but a profile and required the builder to glean such niceties as camouflage from other sources.

Sheet courtesy of your editor's collection.

May 2007

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