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ESCI #31 Hs-129/Me-210/410


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Scott Van Aken


OOP but easy to find at swap meets

This old ESCI sheet has markings for three Hs-129s and three Me-410s. At the time of printing, your choices were Airfix for the Hs-129 and Revell/Frog for the Me-410. As one who has built both of these kits, they are not bad at all considering their age. I'm pretty sure the 129 has been superceded, probably by Italeri and there is an excellent Me-410 out there by Fine Molds that is still relatively easy to find if one looks.

The HS-129s are not of any specific variant (typical of ESCI at the time) with Red J operating in Russia in 1943, Red F in North Africa in mid 1943 and Blue F also in Russia. All are RLM 70/71/65 with Red F having a light sand color sprayed all over the upper surface, including the spinners.

For the Me-410s, there is one from 2.(F)/122 in Italy during 1944. This may well be one captured and displayed at the end of the war.

Then there is one from 9./ZG 1 in 1944 and finally one that looks like it has a bunch of unpainted bits or at least in RLM 76 from an unknown recce unit during 1944.

The sheet also includes kill markings and some additional decals for other units. Really, the sheet is pretty yellowed and its viability is unknown, but it can be salvaged if need be as I've used some of these ancient sheets where I had to have a certain marking for a project.

Sheet courtesy of your editor's collection.

September 2007

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