ESCI #13 He-111

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Scott Van Aken

Back in the olden days, when modelers had to dodge dinosaurs in order to walk to the hobby shop (barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways), ESCI produced a series of decals that for many of us, were some of the first aftermarket decals we saw. This was especially true in Europe. They produced sheets that would allow us to do something that didn't come with the kit.

We all gleefully used them on our Airfix and Matchbox and Revell kits.

This sheet is ancient to the max (as decals go) and would probably either break apart in a billion pieces or refuse to depart the backing sheet at all. It provides markings for four He-111 aircraft of unknown variant, but they all seem the same. Sharp eyes will notice that ESCI somehow managed to print the swastikas backwards. Undoubtedly a ploy to get around the anti-swastika laws in some countries. Those same sharp eyes will note that there are some registration concerns, limiting the available options even more.

Anyway, first is a desert scheme with no codes from a 'Communications Group' in the Western Desert.

Next a nice snow scheme from KG 51 in 'North Europe. Yellow lower wing tips on this.

In a standard RLM 70/71/65 scheme is this III./KG 26 plane from France in 1941.

Finally a variagated II./KG 53 aircraft, again from 'North Europe' in 1943.

Typical of ESCI sheets, you get some extra unit badges for use with other projects. These sheets are not difficult to find if you really want them, but in the vast majority of cases, they have been superseded by better ones.

March 2007

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