Eagle Strike  IP48-12:
Blue Nose Birds of Bodney pt 6

Units 352 FG




Scott Van Aken

Continuing on with the saga of the Blue Nose Birds, Eagle Strike presents the last of six sheets on this unit. This one has a mixture of Mustangs in various camo schemes so one is not limited to just bare metal P-51Ds. The sheet is designed for the Tamiya kit but the markings should fit other makes with perhaps a touch of additional work.

First up is 'Dallas Darling', a P-51B from the 328 FS. This one is in OD over Neutral grey with the ID stripes in white. Nose is in blue as it is on all the other planes on this sheet.

'Its SuperMouse' is a P-51D from the 486 FS. It is in bare metal with a red rudder and a light blue canopy frame. The spinner on this one is in bare metal so may be a replacement. Trim tab is in red dots and the gun ports on the wing are in blue. The nose art is provided with red and black markings as it is difficult to tell the actual color from the photos.

Finally, 'Miss Lace' is a P-51B in bare metal from the 486 FS. ID stripes in black only on the wings from the look of it. 

Insignia are provided for all three with data markings for two. As with all the IP series sheets, there is a nice historical sheet included.

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