Eagle Strike  IP48-10: 352 FG pt IV

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Scott Van Aken

Continuing with the Blue Nose Birds of Bodney, this sheet has markings for three P-51Bs. All are in natural metal with the typical blue nose used late in the war by the 352nd. All have wing and stab ID stripes. The suggested kit is by Tamiya, though I'm sure the Monogram kit will work equally as well.

First up is 'Lambie II', flown by Col John C. Meyer of the 487 FS.

Next is 'The Flying Scot' of the 486 FS. This one has D-Day stripes covering the fuselage coding.

Finally, is this 486 FS Mustang with the name 'Hot Stuff' and a Vargas girl just under the windscreen.

There are enough insignia for all the planes and enough data stencils for two of them. As with all Eagle Strike sheets, a good stencil placement guide is provided.

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