Eagle Strike IP48-08 for the P-51

Units: 352 FG


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Scott Van Aken

The 352nd is probably the second most modeled P-51 group behind the 357th. And why not. The blue nosed aircraft are quite colorful, especially when combined with various fin colorations of the different squadrons in the group.

This particular sheet concentrates on three aircraft, all a bit different from each other. You'll notice that I've cropped the sheet a bit. There are enough common markings and insignia to do two of the three aircraft on the sheet.

First is Robert Powell's 328 FS P-51B, 'The West Virginian'. This aircraft is overall natural metal with an aluminum painted wing, as were all 'bare metal' Mustangs. It carries full D-Day stripes on the fuselage and wings. These will have to be painted on.

Next is 'Hell-er Bust' flown by Edwin Heller of the 486th FS. This OD over Neutral Grey P-51B has the Malcolm Hood. This plane has white wing ID bands that will have to be painted on. You'll notice a different shade of blue on this plane. The color of the blue changed as new batches of paint were bought from the local economy to paint these planes. The instruction sheet has additional information on these blues.

Finally, is 'Cripes A Mighty', George Preddy's P-51D. Probably one of the most produced schemes, this sheet brings together all the known data on its color scheme. There are ID markings on the underside of the horizontal stabs and the black bands under the fuselage. These will have to be painted on by the modeler.

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