Eagle Strike  IP48-05: 357 FG pt IV

Units 357 FG




Scott Van Aken

Continuing with special unit sheets is the fourth installment for the 357th FG; undoubtedly the most modeled Mustang unit of WWII. This one has four nice choices. All have red/yellow spinners and checked nose bands.

First up is from the 363 FS and is called 'Gentleman Jim'. It is in natural metal with a red rudder. Note that this plane has no dorsal fin extention.

Next is another bare metal Mustang, but this time from the 362 FS. 'MaryMae' is about as plain as you can get other than the very provocative nose art!

With its upper surface OD coloring and undersurface D-Day stripes, 'Sebastian Jr' from the 362 FS is a bit different from others on the sheet. It also has no dorsal fin extention.

Finally, from the 364 FS comes 'Rovin Rhoda'. It has a yellow rudder, upper surfaces in RAF Dark Green and undersides probably in RAF Medium Sea Grey. There are ID bands on the wings.

There are a wide variety of Mustang kits out there in 1/48. The Tamiya kits are recommended, but these markings should fit all the others. The kit includes enough insignia, data stencils and nose/prop hub stripes to do two aircraft. A selection of red and yellow checks are also included to fix glitches.

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