Eagle Strike 72-062 Skyraiders of the Fleet pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

One doesn't see much in the way of new sheets in 1/72 for the A-1 Skyraider, so it is refreshing to see one that covers some interesting aircraft. Now most folks don't think of the Spad as a colorful aircraft, but in this case, there are two CAG birds as well as a single French Skyraider. Interestingly, most of the French A-1s were modified AD-4Q electronic warfare birds with a second compartment for the electronics operator. These planes can be spotted by this door and a cooling scoop atop the fuselage.  The recommended kit for this sheet is the Hasegawa or the Hobbycraft Skyraider. I know that there is a French Skyraider done by Hobbycraft, but I'm not really sure if it has the proper fuselage or not. Perhaps a reader has more info on this.

Late note: I have been informed that the Hobbycraft Skyraider is no more than a copy of the Tsukuda kit and not an AD-4.

The first scheme is for the VA-75 CAG bird from the USS Independence. It has the standard light gull grey and white scheme with the color on the end of the rudder.

From VA-165 is their CAG SpAD from the same time period as the one above. It is not quite as colorful in terms of CAG planes, but it does have the nice green chevron on the fuselage.

Finally a French AD from Djibouti in 1967. Like most French Skyraiders of this time it was in overall light gull grey, or even in aluminum paint. The area behind the code letters has been repainted. The aircraft has green fin and wing tips.

A fine sheet for those of you who like your Skyraiders in 1/72 scale.

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