Eagle Strike  48-258: Flying Circus pt VIII

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Scott Van Aken

Continuing with their WWI offerings, this particular sheet covers the Albatros D. III/V. The recommended kit is by Eduard as they make what is undoubtedly the best in this scale. You'll have to use the kit supplied or aftermarket lozenge decals on those that require it.

First up is a D.Va from Jasta 62 as flown by Max Nather in early 1918. It is overall black  with a red spinner. Upper wings are mauve and dark green with light blue undersides.

Next is another D.Va from Bogohl 6 as flown by Ltn Brauer in 1918. This has the varnished wood fuselage with yellow nose and tail. The wings are as above.

In white and red is this D.Va (OAW) of Jasta 18. Red upper wings with lozenge undersides. Tail planes in black and white stripes.

This Albatros D.V from Jasta 34b has a red forward section and light blue aft. Lozenge on upper and lower wings, with mauve/dark green over light blue tail planes and a white rudder.

Finally a D.III (OAW from Jasta 57. This one is also in red and light blue with a white fin and rudder. It has lozenge on the upper wings and tail planes with light blue undersides.

From the look of it, there are enough insignia to do all the options on the sheet, a great way to build up a collection.

June 2006

Review sheet courtesy of Eagle Strike

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