Eagle Strike  48-257: Flying Circus pt VII

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Scott Van Aken

Moving to something a bit older, here is a great sheet for the Fokker D.VII. There are four super schemes on this sheet and, unless noted, all have lozenge upper and lower wings. The recommended kit is by Roden as they do a wide variety of versions. You might also be able to use the new Eduard kit, but the markings are not fitted for that kit. Conversely, the ancient Monogram/Aurora kit is an option as well.

First up is from Jasta 43. This Albatros-built D.VII has a grey fuselage with red stripes at the front. The upper wing on this one is also red.

Next is another D.VII (alb) from Jasta 43. This is one of R.F. Jakobs' aircraft and is in Black with a white tail. The nose and landing gear are in Albatros dark green.

This most colorful Jasta 46 aircraft is also Albatros built and has a forward fuselage of orange and red with a white rear section.

Finally with a lozenge fuselage, white fin/rudder and yellow tail planes is this OAW-built D.VII from Jasta 28w. The forward section of this plane is in dark green with mauve splotches.

There seems to be enough insignia for all four options. The lozenge will need to come from the kit or an aftermarket source.

June 2006

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