Eagle Strike  48-253: Last of the Big Beautiful Jugs

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Scott Van Aken

This set provides markings for four late war P-47s. All are in unpainted metal with Olive Drab anti-glare panels except where noted. This decals are designed for the Tamiya P-47D, though they should fit others. You need to have a kit that provides the fin fillet that was standard with the -30 version, but retrofitted on earlier planes in the field.

First up is a P-47D-30, 'Stinky' from the 365th FS/358th FG during the occupation of Germany. It is quite colorful with a red and white cowling, blue anti-glare section and canopy frame with an orange tail. Symmetrical Curtiss-Electric prop.

Next is a P-47D-27, 'The Trojan Horse' from the 79th FG in Italy. Aside from the blue tail and canopy frame, it has a red spinner and cowl flaps. Hamilton Standard prop. The blue for the tailplanes is only on the upper surface.

'Gladys' is a P-47D-28 from the 512 FS/406 FS. It is bedecked in yellow trim on the nose and spinner with a tricolor fuselage band. Eagle Strike provides templates for the nose markings if you don't want to use the decal. C.E. Assymetrical prop.

The final option is 'The Body', a P-47D-30 from the 392 FS/367 FG when it Germany during mid 1945. It has a red cowling and prop hub with alternating red cowl flaps.

Eagle Strike provides insignia and stencils for one of the options. There are also the high quality nose art markings and you get two sets in case you need the additional one as these are very thin and fragile.

June 2006

Review sheet courtesy of Eagle Strike

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