Eagle Strike  48-234: Birds of Prey part 6

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Scott Van Aken

The next new P-40 sheet also has four options on it and enough insignia for all with data markings for one. This also has the finely done nose artwork decals and a small sheet with some additional markings. Not shown is an addendum sheet for the early US insignia which is missing the central white section. Again, all bases are covered with Mauve, Otaki, AMT, AMtech and Hasegawa providing possible kits.

First up is a P-40F from the 80th FS/79th FG in Italy during 1943. It is painted in US equivalent paints of Dark Earth/Middlestone over Azure Blue. The red spinner and rudder artwork add some interest.

Next is a P-40N from 76 Squadron RAAF in 1945. This one has been repainted in Foliage Green over Sky blue and carried a yellow spinner tip, making for a most unusual scheme for a Warhawk.

The third options is one that has been done a few times before. It is Squirlbate from the 8 FS/49 FG. This one is in a most interesting scheme of Dark Green/Middlestone over Azure Blue in a most unusual pattern. Probably US Equivalent colors and perhaps OD instead of Dark Green. It has a white empennage, though it is possible that the underside of the tail planes was in neutral grey.

The last one is an early P-40N from 4 Servicing Unit RNZAF in late 1943. This one has a white empennage as well as a white spinner and the usual white ID bands carried by a lot of aircraft during this period. I'm willing to bet that this should have an extended tail as I've not heard of P-40Ns without it.  It should also have the 'grille' just behind the spinner as I do believe this was also a standard P-40N marking. I'm jazzed that the insignia are the right colors and will be pulling out my Mauve P-40M kit to do this one. There was little difference between the P-40M and early P-40N aircraft. This one is painted in OD over Neutral Grey.

March 2006

Review sheet courtesy of Eagle Strike

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