Eagle Strike  48-233: Birds of Prey part 5

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Scott Van Aken

How about some more P-40 markings? This one covers four aircraft in various schemes. The bases are covered in terms of suggested kits as the Otaki, AMT, AMtech, Mauve, and Hasegawa kits are all listed. Insignia for all and data markings for what looks like one aircraft are included on the sheet. The printer messed up the early US insignia so an addendum sheet is added. This sheet also includes some high quality nose art markings with the appropriate white backgrounds for them so they don't disappear on the model!

First up is a P-40K-5, 'Jinx' as flown with the 25 FS/52 FG out of India in 1943. Olive Drab over Neutral grey with a blue spinner. A rather neat looking sharkmouth adds some interest to an otherwise standard-looking Warhawk.

Next is a P-40E as flown by Richard Cresswell of 77 Squadron RAAF in New Guinea during 1942. It is in US equivalent colors of Dark Green/Dark Earth over Sky Grey. The spinner is white and blue.

In a desert scheme of US equivalent Dark Earth/ Middlestone over Azure Blue comes this P-40F of the 65th FS/57th FG while operating from Italy in 1943. Red surround insignia and the red spinner (an Allied theater marking) add some color to this one.

Finally a P-40N from the 8th FS/49th FG in the Southwest Pacific. This one is in standard OD over Neutral Grey with a white fin/rudder and yellow spinner.

March 2006

Review sheet courtesy of Eagle Strike

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