Eagle Strike  48-228: US Spitfires part 2

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Scott Van Aken

Now for the second sheet of US Spitfires. There are a variety of kits one can use, with the sheet recommending the Tamiya or Hasegawa family.

First up is Lt. Moss Fletcher's plane  that is camouflaged in the standard desert scheme. This Spit Vc has the red spinner theater marking common to all the planes on this sheet.

Next is Bob Curtis' "Julie II", a Spit Vb with clipped wings and no sand filter. It is shown in a rather unusual two greens marking, however it could be in standard European colors as well with an Azure Blue underside.

Third is "Minnie Mk II" another standard scheme Spit Vc flown by Lt Terry Yon. Some of the Dark Earth is new, contrasting with the older, faded paint.

Finally a Spit IX in a rather unusual scheme of Sea Grey over PRU Blue with the central star portion of the insignia somewhat faded.

Insignia for all four aircraft is included as are full data markings for two.

April 2006

Review sheet courtesy of Eagle Strike

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