Eagle Strike  48-227: US Spitfires part 1

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Scott Van Aken

Not that many enthusiasts know that the US was one of the largest 'foreign' users of the Spitfire in WWII. These aircraft were operated both in the UK and overseas with perhaps the longest relationship being with two fighter groups operating in the Mediterranean. This sheet covers four such aircraft all with at least Middlestone upper surface and Azure Blue undersides. Recommended kits are by Tamiya and Hasegawa, but really any Spitfire V or IX kit can be used.

First up is a Spitfire Vc flown by Major Robert Levine, CO of the 4th FS. His aircraft is in standard desert scheme with Dark Earth as part of the upper surface colors. All Mediterranean aircraft had a red spinner as part of the theater ID marking.

Next is a Spitfire Vc flown by Lt. Richard Lampe of the 52nd FG. This aircraft has the red surround insignia and no Dark Earth. The artwork in this case is on the fin.

A very colorful Spitfire Vc is this one with the 5th FS. It has added some unknown shade of green to the usual desert upper surface colors. Like all the Spit Vc aircraft, it sports the ugly sand filter.

Finally, a Spitfire IX from the 4th FS. This aircraft is basically in RAF scheme with US stars on the fuselage side and upper wings. RAF roundels on the undersides and the fin flash is still there.

The sheet provides insignia for three of the four options and data markings for two aircraft.

April 2006

Review sheet courtesy of Eagle Strike

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