Eagle Strike  48-217: RAF Sabres part 4

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Scott Van Aken

Continuing with their superb sheets on the RAF Sabres is this sheet for three nicely done planes. Both the Hasegawa and Academy kits are recommended. All three options are in Dark Green, Dark Sea Grey  on the upper surfaces.

First up is a 20 Squadron Sabre 4 as based in Germany during 1954

Next is from 66 Squadron. This Sabre 4 has a silver lacquer lower surface. I notice that the drop tank seems to have the colors reversed as I doubt is was silver on the upper surface!

The final Sabre 4 is from 3 Squadron in 1956. This one has a green nose outlined in yellow, for which a decal is provided (for the outline, that is).

There are enough insignia for two of these planes and enough data markings for one.

March 2006

Review sheet courtesy of Eagle Strike

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