Eagle Strike  48-211: Spitfire - End of the line pt II

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Scott Van Aken

This second sheet on post war Spitfires is for the bubble-top F.22 version. The standard camouflage for the Spit 22 was Dark Green and Ocean Grey over Medium Sea Grey with a Sky fuselage band, the same colors used for most of WWII. For available kits, you are in luck as there is an excellent Airfix Spit 22/24 kit on the market, though it may be a tad difficult to locate from time to time.

First up is a 615 Sq aircraft from the new RAuxAF in 1950. Note the yellow spinner.

Next is an overall silver or unpainted metal aircraft from 2 Sq, Royal Egyptian AF in 1950. Medium Sea Grey spinner.

From 73 Sq RAF is this next plane, circa 1948. This one has the roundels with larger areas of white in them. It also has a Sky spinner and the yellow leading edge ID markings

Finally from 502 Sq RAuxAF comes this aircraft from the 1948 time period. It has a black spinner with yellow wing ID markings and the older RAuxAF markings scheme.

The sheet has enough common markings to do three of the four aircraft if you choose wisely. A set of stencils is included for one aircraft.

July 2005

Review sheet courtesy of Eagle Strike

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