Eagle Strike  48-203: Marauding Havocs pt II

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Scott Van Aken

The next Havoc sheet includes two aircraft, both in OD over neutral grey. Your only real choice in this scale are the AMT kits, which, I believe, have been or will be reissued by Italeri, though at a higher price. I suggest locating the older AMT kits at a swap meet as the plastic is the same.

First up is an F-3A (A-20J) of the 155 Night Photo Squadron. I can only imagine that the cameras were fitted into the bomb bay, though no images are given. This aircraft has the flight surfaces mottled with Medium Green. Different versions of the name are provided for the right side as no photos exist of this side.

The other is an early A-20B from the 474 BG in Algeria during late 1942. 'Lady Jean' carries US flags to prevent it from being accidentally shot down by trigger-happy Allied AA gunners.

This sheet provides insignia and wing walk area markings for both aircraft.

October 2005

Review sheet courtesy of Eagle Strike

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