Eagle Strike  48-200: Checkers Anyone? pt 2

Units 78 FG


$9.50 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Now for the second checker nose Mustang sheet. To be a bit redundant, the recommended kit is by Tamiya, but others can probably be adapted as there are lots of P-51D kits out there. Once again, full insignia and stencil markings are given for both aircraft. The check nose markings are provided in their entirety for both aircraft. These aircraft also have black/white spinners. The aircraft are unpainted metal with aluminum lacquer wings. Of course, any removable wing panels are unpainted metal, but to achieve laminar flow, all the joins were filled, smoothed and painted over on the wings. It was realized that there wasn't much of a speed improvement in combat and later in their lives, many of these aircraft had the paint and filler stripped from the wings.

First on this sheet is another 84 FS aircraft, 'Lady Eve'. It has the 84ths black rudder and red trim around the nose checkers.

From the 82nd FS, comes 'Big Dick' with the very common dice motif. This aircraft has a red rudder and a red outline to the fuselage codes. A black antenna with kill markings around the canopy frame on this one.

November 2005

Review sheet courtesy of Eagle Strike

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