Eagle Strike  48-199: Checkers Anyone? pt 1

Units 78 FG


$9.50 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

I don't recall seeing too many sheets for 78 FG Mustangs, and so Eagle Strike has done us a real favor by providing this first of what will probably several sheets highlighting the aircraft from this unit. Bubble top Mustang kits abound in 1/48 and the folks at ES recommend the Tamiya one for this sheet. I'm sure that if you have a Hasegawa, Monogram, Otaki and so on Mustang, that you can get these to fit with a bit of additional care.

Much to my delight, there are a full set of nose checkers so you don't have to paint the nose white  ahead of time. There are also full insignia and stencils for both options on the sheet, something for which I approve highly. Both aircraft are unpainted metal with aluminum lacquered wings.

The first plane is 'Sherman was Right!' from the 84 FS. Though I'm clueless as to the reference for the name, this one has a black rudder  and the black/white split spinner of this unit. (Late Note: thanks to readers, the commentary from Sherman [US Civil War] was "War is Hell.")

The other is 'Just Hangin Around', also from the 84 FS. Differences between this and the previous aircraft are a black fit tip, red stripe around the nose checkers and checkers on the canopy frame and radio mast.

November 2005

Review sheet courtesy of Eagle Strike

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