Eagle Strike  48-191: Birds of Prey/Warhawks & Kittyhawks pt 4

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Scott Van Aken

Sheet #4 on P-40s covers four more aircraft. Again, it is designed for the AMtech, AMT, or Otaki kits, but for the P-40E you may want to use the Hasegawa kit and for the N, the Mauve version will work well. There are enough insignia for three of the four aircraft on the sheet if you choose wisely.

The first on the sheet is a P-40E of ace P.A. Prkryshev of the 154 IAP. It is in Dark Green/Dark Earth over Sky, all these in the slightly off DuPont paints.

The P-40K is 'Pop' as flown with the 66 FS/57 FG in 1943. It is in desert colors of Mid Stone/Dark Earth over Azure. It also carries the Mediterranean theater ID marking of a red spinner.

Next is a P-40N from the 7 FS/49 FG in 1943. Named 'Rosy the Riveter' this aircraft sports a shark mouth and a red tipped spinner.

Finally, a P-40N from the 45 FS/15 FG as on Nanumea in the the central Pacific. This is weathered Desert Sand over Azure.

April 2005

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