Eagle Strike  48-190: Birds of Prey/Warhawks & Kittyhawks pt 3

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Scott Van Aken

Nice to have more P-40 sheets. This one has four aircraft on it and the suggested kits are AMtech, AMT and Otaki. Of course, we now have the very nice Hasegawa kit for the P-40E with more variants to come so you may want to use that one.

First up is a white tailed P-40N from the 8FS/49 FG. It appears to be in RAF shades of Dark Green/Mid Stone over Azure Blue. It carries the name 'Squirrelbate' as well as a white and yellow spinner.

Next is the same P-40E as is featured in the AMtech kit, with this one stating it belongs to the 16 FS/51 FG. RAF colors are listed as being Dark Green/Dark Earth over Azure Blue with a red spinner. The tail marking is incomplete on this sheet. A bit different in several respects to the AMtech sheet.

From the 85 FS/79 FG is this P-40F-20 'Lee's Hope" from 1944. It is in desert colors of Mid Stone/Dark Earth over Azure Blue.

Finally, a P-40L, 'Gerry', as flown in 1944 with the 58 FS/33 FG. It is in OD over Neutral Grey with yellow wing stripes.

The sheet includes insignia for all and also has the wing stripes.

Late entry. I received this e-mail concerning some of the schemes in today's sheet. The sender wished to remain anonymous, but I can tell you that he is well versed in the subject.

"There are several very glaring errors on the new EagleStrike decal sheet reviewed on ModelingMadness today.

First, there was no such P-40N as shown. “Squirrel Bait” was Richard Vodra’s P-40E-1. It was shown incorrectly in Squadron Signals’ 49th FG book (as are most of the P-40 color profiles), which is where Eagle Strike got its information and has continued to repeat it incorrectly. Vodra’s N had no name, and was OD over Gray, as were all the 49th FG P40Ns. There is no record – in photographic, anecdotal or squadron records – of ANY 49th FG P-40N being in anything but these colors or NMF late in their lives. ThreeGuysReplicas did Vodra’s aircraft on its 49th FG sheet. It had a yellow spinner, was OD over gray, had no name and the national insignias had no blue surround. This last was very common in the earlier P-40Ns of the 49th. I don’t know if the bars were painted in the field or not. I suspect so. This information is based on photographic evidence as well as lengthy discussions with Steve Furgeson, author of “Protect and Avenge”, a lavishly illustrated and compelling work on this group. Steve spent endless hours interviewing former 49th members, and it shows.   

Second, the P-40E labeled as being 16FS/51FG is in actuality the ac of Dallas Clinger, 23FG as stated in the AMtech kit. Also, the AMtech markings are correct. This is based on both photographic close-ups of this aircraft (with Clinger leaning on the horiz stab) and actually seeing the rudder which is Tex Hill’s garage at his home! I didn’t get the story of how Tex ended up with that and managed to get it home intact, but I bet it is a great one."

April 2005

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